Improve Your First Aid and Health and Safety Skills with Our Courses

In emergency situations, having the right knowledge and skills could give you the power to save someone’s life. At En Route Medical TD, we deliver exceptional first aid and health and safety training throughout the UK. Taking place at our designated location in the West Midlands, or at your premises, the courses are run by highly qualified professionals. Alongside our courses, we also source and supply talented medical staff to fill vacancies and provide medical cover during events.

Diverse Training Courses

There are many different aspects to consider in regards to health and safety, and a variety of skills can be learned. As an experienced training provider, we specialise in delivering high-quality training courses that can be regulated in house. Our courses cover:

· AED Training
· Emergency First Aid at Work
· Fire Safety Training
· First Aid at Work
· First Aid at Work Requalification
· Food Hygiene
· Health and Safety Risk Assessments
· Health and Safety Training
· Mandatory Training
· Manual Handling
· Pediatric First Aid

Sourcing Staff for Practices and Events

When you are in need of medical professionals to fill a temporary vacancy at your practice or work at your event, turn to En Route Medical LTD. Covering hospitals, GP surgeries, and walk-in centres, as well as boxing, horse riding, and stock car racing events, the staff we supply include:

· Doctors
· Emergency Care Assistants (ECAs)
· Emergency Care Practitioners (ECPs)
· First Aiders
· Nurses
· Paramedics
· Technicians

For a tailor-made service, or to discuss the requirements for your event, please get in touch with our helpful team.

Tailoring the Course to Meet Your Needs

At En Route Medical LTD, we understand that every company has different needs, and that bespoke courses are often required. To accommodate these varied needs, we have ensured that our courses are flexible and adaptable. This allows us to reflect the requirements of any individual company in each session. Despite the bespoke nature of our courses, we still maintain competitive prices to stay within your company’s budget.

Why You Should Choose En Route Medical LTD

 Approved Centre and Self-Accreditation Available

 Competitive Pricing Structure

Courses Can Be Held at Your Venue or Ours

 Professional, Highly Qualified Staff

 Training Provided Nationwide

Contact us now to discover more about our manual handling, first aid, and health and safety training courses.